5 Tips For Sticking to a Workout Habit That You Can Actually Use

It's that time of year where a *few* of us have given up on our New Year's resolutions, and for many of us, that resolution is to hit the gym! We all go gung-ho and then quickly lose steam because we may have tried to do too much too fast. For those of you eager to kick your gym routine back into gear or just getting your toes wet for the first time here are some practical and tips to help work a gym routine into your life seamlessly.

1. Sleep In Your Gym Clothes - If you are trying to get sweaty before work an easy way to make sure you don't skip out is to wake up dressed and ready to go when your alarm goes off -- no excuses! If sleeping in your gym gear feels a bit too out there, try laying them out before bed, socks and all. This way you don't have to do too much thinking before those endorphins hit. 

2. Start Small - A primary reason that people give up on the gym is that they feel burnt out! If you never used to work out and all of a sudden you are trying to go for an hour 5 times a week you might find it difficult to keep that pace going. For your gym reboot try to commit to working toward small goals such as one time a week and increasing from there or starting with short workouts and building up to a longer length and higher frequency. 

3. Have A Plan - How many times have you walked into the gym stared at all of the machines and felt utterly overwhelmed? What are you going to do if all the elliptical machines are in use? Going in with a workout plan ahead of time relieves you of decision fatigue when you're at the gym. If you're not sure where to start workout apps, such as Aaptiv, will help guide you through the labyrinth that is the weight room with fun, audio-based fitness classes.  

4. Find a Buddy - Having a workout partner helps make the gym a fun social activity and keeps you accountable. You can plan to meet there and do your workouts simultaneously or take it a step further and do partner exercises -- seesaw squats and the medicine ball toss are a great place to start. 

5. Workout with Love - Working out and staying active is an excellent form of self-respect and self-care. When you approach your gym routine from a place of love, it becomes much easier to stick with it. Adding a mantra such as "I workout because I love my body not because I want to change it" to your workout routine can help change how you think about fitness and therefore can change your habits around it. 



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