How Acts of Self-Love Can Benefit the People Around You

The benefits of self-love expand much farther just you! When you take care of yourself you can help create change in your environment and the people around you.

Why Self Love Isn't Selfish - Let us count the ways:

  • Taking care of yourself first gives you the physical and mental ability to be there and help the people around you. If you are always putting the needs of others before your personal needs then you are creating a pattern of behavior that is unsustainable. You will run out of stamina and you will not be able to provide support for your loved ones, friends and colleagues. However, when you put yourself first you are able to renew and recharge which gives you strength to be of service to those around you. 

  • Respect for ourselves helps build respect for other people. No one is perfect and though we might try to be open and respectful of others a negative or judgmental thought can slip through the cracks. I have noticed in my experience that whenever something like this comes up I can usually trace the root back to personal insecurity or doubt. When I focus on my self-love and positive things in my life it is so much easier to find the positives in the people around me. 

  • The way we treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us. The things you believe about yourself and the way you treat yourself determines the standard for others on how you should be treated. People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them. If we each try to live with higher self-regard we can create a ripple of change within ourselves that will eventually move through the whole lake.

Putting yourself first, taking time for yourself can make you a kinder and more positive person. So many of us, myself included, can find reasons to put the needs of someone or something else before our personal needs. I write this as a reminder for myself as much as I write it for everyone reading it: Self-love is possible, we all have it inside us, it is just up to us to put the work in and make it happen. 

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