Getting Rid of Self-Doubt and Feelings That Limit our Lives

Many of us hold onto beliefs about ourselves that can hold us back from our dreams and biggest aspirations. I know I’m guilty of it, I have even done it with Me First -- not believing that I could build this into something people would want to be a part of. These types of beliefs manifest themselves differently for different people; for some it may be about a dream job or for others it might be thinking they are not worthy of a loving relationship. No matter what it is, it is essential to realize that these beliefs are false and you are worthy of a life filled with self-love.

I wanted to share some practices that help me clear the cobwebs when I am feeling these limiting beliefs creep back in.

  1. Awareness - What is this about?
    To kick these kinds of thoughts to the curb, we have to understand what they are and where they are coming from. When we are vague about our feelings, they become harder to identify and eliminate.

    Sometimes it can be hard to recognize these “limiting beliefs” for what they are, but we can start by figuring out how they make us feel. If you don’t feel good when you have one of these recurring thoughts chances are it is a limiting belief. Do you feel nervous about a job promotion, helpless, hopeless about an opportunity, upset, etc.? Identify the feeling and take note of it either in a journal or in your mind, so you know what you are trying to clear.

  2. Making a Choice
    Once you have identified the limiting belief, you need to choose to confront it head-on. When you feel it tell yourself that this thought is not happening to you. An example I have found helpful is “I created this belief in my mind. It is not true, and it no longer serves me. I know what I am capable of and I believe in myself.” Telling yourself this, or something like this puts the power back in your hands. Self-love is about choices, it is not always easy, but challenge brings change.

  3. Create an Alternate Reality
    No, I’m not asking you to embark on a sci-fi journey to kick your limiting beliefs aside! As you identify these thoughts and choose to alter your way of thinking you create space in your mind for positive thoughts. Try using a visualization or an affirmation to help these new thoughts grow.  Remember, this is about progress, not perfection.
It will take time and practice to dispell these thoughts, trust in yourself and trust in the process.

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