Changing Your Outlook with a Daily Gratitude Habit

How often do you take a moment to appreciate the things around you? Most of us don't stop to smell the roses and recognize the small, simple pleasures in life. We reserve phrases like "I'm SO grateful" for when someone does us a favor or when something big happens. Taking a moment to recognize little luxuries and everyday occurrences forces a positive thought into our minds daily which can have a cumulative and lasting impact. 

Every day might not be good but when we start to practice daily gratitude we can find the good in every day. By creating these positive thoughts daily we can rewire our minds to be more grateful which will help us feel happier overall.
 Really take a moment to be with the thought you are grateful for, turn it over in your mind and ask yourself why that moment stuck out to you. What made it special? Let the feelings sit with you and feel the positivity.

Many of us recognize outward things we are grateful for, such as a sunny day or a delicious meal, but we can also use this practice to improve our relationship with ourselves. There are many ways that we can make the connection between self-love and gratitude. 
Be grateful to yourself for:
  • Things you have accomplished today -- big or small!
  • Your patience and kindness toward friends, loved ones or coworkers
  • Making it through another day
  • A great idea you had at work 
  • Listening to what your mind and body need
  • Crossing a pressing (annoying) task off your to-do list
... and many other things!

There are many easy ways we can incorporate this habit into our lives, it does not need to be an elaborate daily event. I personally have bounced between a few different methods but my favorite gratitude practice has been to end my day by thinking of 2-4 things that happened that I am thankful for. As I am tucking myself into bed and ready to go to sleep I reflect on the day and try to look back on what I am grateful for. Some people find that writing their gratitudes in a journal or sharing them out loud is best for them. I encourage you to try a few different methods on for size and see what works best for you. 

Gratitude is not only about being thankful for the good things that happen. We can be grateful for events and people that challenge us because they give us an opportunity to learn and grow. This is a great way to turn something that could potentially bring us down or make us feel bad into something positive. There is power in positive thinking!

I challenge you to find three things you are grateful for each day! 

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